Issue 10 and Volume 40.

TO PURIFY OHIO WATER. Karl F. Kellerman, of the United States Department of Agriculture, has made arrangements with the Ohio board of health for a series of test as to the use of sulphate of copper as a germicide in the drinking waters of the State, to be conducted conjointly. Ohio being the first State to take up the control of municipal water supplies, as under the law of last winter, offers the government the only opportunity to make arrangements. The Federal organisation will assign two special men to the work, who will make their headquarters in the offices of the State hoard of health, and cooperate with R. W. Pratt, the engineer, and Dr. Horton, the bacteriologist. They will use the sulphates upon sewage that is sent into the water supplies with a view to destroying the objectionable germs in it, and test for results. The government will stand…

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