Issue 10 and Volume 40.

BRAINTREE, MASS., WATERWORKS. W. E. Maybury, superintendent of waterworks, Braintree, Mass., reports that the system is owned by the town. It was constructed by Wheeler & Parks, engineers, in 1888 and purchased by the municipality in 1891. The supply is taken from Little Pond and Great Pond, supplemented by a small system of driven wells. The system is pumping to standpipe with two Blake engines of 1,000,000 gals. capacity to each. I lie distribution consists of thirtv-one miles of cast iron mains, 207 hvdrants, 708 meters and 1,458 taps. The average pressure is eighty lbs. and the largest diameter of mains is 12-in. The board of water commissioners are James T. Stevens, chairman, T. Haven Hearing and John Kelley. W. E. Maybury is in charge of the plant, and A. Monk is secretary. T he town has a population of over 6,000.

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