Issue 10 and Volume 40.

10 UTILISE PLATTE RIVER. A Denver. Colo., correspondent writes as follows under date of August 28: “Recently there have been filed with the State engineer of Colorado papers which have for their purpose the redemption of nearly 1,000,000 acres of arid land, the largest irrigation proposition that has ever been undertaken by private capital. Frank J. Maccarthy, a civil engineer of Denver, is now drafting plans to build a reservoir that will cover 24 square miles, has an average depth of 35 ft. and will use the entire surplus water of the Platte river. Heretofore it has been estimated that 38,115.000000 cu. ft. of water was wasted yearly in the Platte river, water which, if properly diverted and used on land adjoining, would irrigate 1.000.000 acres of land, and would support IOO.OOO people.” Muscatine, la., is busy installing its new waterworks system.

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