Issue 12 and Volume 40.

THE SYSTEM OF MIDDLETOWN The waterworks system of Middletown, Ohio, which the city owns, dates back more than thirty years, and the water is of the best kind. The old pumping plant consists of the following: One power Holly pump of 2,000,000-gal. capacity and two Smith and Vaile steam pumps of 1,500,000gal. capacity each. Till the building of an annex system the new plant these pumps raised from a large open well all the water Middletown needed. I he new plant consists of a large vertical, Holly steam pump of 4000,000-gal capacity. It is set in an open pit 25 ft. in diameter. Twentyfive ft down below that pit are six 12-in. wells. 1 hese are driven 21 ft. below’ the bottom of the pit and stand in 20 ft. of water all the time. The waterworks plant, which supplies a population of 12,000 persons, is valued at present at…

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