Issue 12 and Volume 40.

WATER SUPPLY OF WHEELING, VA. The municipal waterworks system of Wheeling. W. Va., keeps running along very smoothly, possibly even more smoothly than it has for many years. The department has especially good officials, the superintendent and chief engineer givng their entire attention to its successful working. In the pumping station are installed two 7,500.000 and one 12.000.000-gal. Holly pumps, and the city has what is considered one of the finest hoilerrooms in the country. It has 2,000-h. p. Heine boilers. Two 30-in. supply mains rim to the reservoir, one of which has boon put in recently. They are so arranged with cross-connections that either or all of the pumps or mains can be used at will. Natural gas is burned and is obtained at a very reasonable price. It is a very convenient as well as clean fuel. The finance committee now has before it a recommendation for improvements…

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