Issue 12 and Volume 40.

CORRESPONDENCE THE FIRST HOSE COMPANY. TO FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING; In replying to inquiries as to my authority for the statement that the first hose company was the Philadelphia hose company No. 1. organised on December 15. 1803. I would say that the information was taken from the “History of Philadelphia.” published many years ago. It was written by several hands, each writer taking up a different department of the city. A copy is in the Boston Public Library. The Prowlers, of New York city, formed an organisation of eight men, whose numbers were afterwards increased to fifty. They were more properly watchmen than firemen. Thev were equipped with 250 buckets, and some of the members were expected to walk the streets from 9 o’clock until sunrise. They were sometimes called the “Rattle Watch. My authority for this is “Our Firemen. A History of the New York Lire Department, Volunteer…

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