Issue 12 and Volume 40.

THE DELAWARE WATERWORKS CO. The local waterworks company, of Delaware. Ohio, built the system in 1880, the contractors being Moffett, Hodgins & Clark. The source of supply is wells distant three miles from the city. The system is pumping direct and to an iron standpipe 20 ft. by 100 ft., with a capacity of 237,000 gals., and erected by Ritter & Conley, of Pittsburg. Pa., at a point three miles north of the business centre. The quality of the water is excellent, and it is pumped by two Deane duplex compound pumping engines, 14x20x14, with an 8-in. stroke, and an aggregate capacity of 2,000,000 gals. each. Twentv-one miles and one half of 16-in. to 4 in. main is laid, on which are set 247 Ludlow hvdrants. There are. also. 150 Ludlow valves Five hundred and fifty meters have been placed and owned by the water company. The pressure is 65…

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