Issue 12 and Volume 40.

WATERIRATES. MARION CITY. BAKERIES.—Averaging 3 bbls. flour per day, $6. BARBER SHOPS.—First chair, $3; each addition chair, $1.50. BLACKSMITH SHOPS.—First fire, $3; each additional fire, $1. BOARDINGHOUSES.—Six rooms or less, $5; each additional room, $0.50. BATHTUBS.Private, $2; public, $4. DWELLINGS.Domestic use. $4. OFFICES. -Dentist. $3; fountain cuspidores, $4; other offices, $1.50; waterclosets in offices, $3. REST A UKA nts.—$5. DRUG STORES.-$3. SODA FU NTA I N s.—$3. SALOONS. LIVERY BARNS, etc., metered. SPRINKLING Lawns.—$0.05 per front foot. ATLANTIC CITY, H. J. BAT 11 HOUSES. – $ 10. Bathtuiis.—Private, hot and cold water. $2.75, public, hot and cold water, first tub, $6.50; eaui additional tub, $3.25. BAKERIES.In addition to regular rates for dwelling, $2.75. BARI ER SHOP.Two chairs or less, $5; each auditional. $2. BEER PRESSURE PUMPS.-$10. Bun PING Purposes.–Bushel lime, $0.03. CHURCHES.$5. Cows.—$2. Blacksmith.—One forge. $5; each additional forge, $r.5o; steam forge, $3.25. HOTELS AND Dwellings.—One family, with 4 rooms…

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