Issue 12 and Volume 40.

WATERWORKS DATA OF CLEVELAND AND TOLEDO In 1872 the city of Toledo, Ohio, determined to unite all the waterworks system under the supervision of the late J. D. Cook, consulting engineer. The council authorised a bond issue of $997,000 for the purpose. In May, 1873, two 5,000,000-gal. duplex Worthington pumps were purchased, and in 1874 a pumping station was built; a standpipe was erected; and the mains were all laid—the whole work having been completed. The system is pumping direct to a tall iron standpipe 5 x 226, with a capacity of 30.000 gals. The average pumpage for a population of 140,000, more or less, is about 13,000,000 gals, daily—a percapita alowance of something over sixty gals, a low average due to the installation of about 0,000 meters on some 13,800 services, sixty per cent, of which are metered, including all large connections. The distributing mains extend over 220 miles…

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