Issue 12 and Volume 40.

THE NILES WATER SYSTEM. In 1891 the city of Niles. Ohio, built its own waterworks system, the cost of which up to the present has been $72,000, the bonded debt being $67,000. During 1905 the cost of maintaining the plant was $462.38. Engineer Straun, of Salem, had charge of the work of construction, and Bert. Holloway is the present superintendent, with William Willison as city engineer. In the near future an air-lift will be installed in the drilled wells. These, with the river, form the source of supply, which is distant 2,000 ft. from the business section of the town. The system is pumping to a brick and concrete reservoir, built at an elevation of 183 ft. and located one nile from the centre of the city. There are laid twenty miles of cast iron main, the diameters of which are 14-in.. 12-in., io-in., 8-in.. 6-in. and 4-in. respectively. On…

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