Issue 14 and Volume 40.

GALVESTON FIRE DEPARTMENT In the very early days of Galveston, Tex., when the town contained few inhabitants and few buildings, and all the shipping was able to find moorings at one wharf, the principle hotel was an old steamboat which had been driven ashore. In its kitchen a fire started, which was promptly subdued, and gave the first suggestion of the need for fire protection. That assumed the form, not even of a crude bucket brigade, but of an understanding that everybody should help everybody else in case of lire. In course of time bucket brigades were organised in different parts of the town, and the rivalry between them was as great as that which was the characteristic of the old volunteer fire departments. In July. 1X41. five fire wardens were appointed. These were distinguished by huge tin badges and were supposed to control and direct the volunteer bucket brigades.…

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