Issue 15 and Volume 40.

WATER SUPPLY OP MASILLON. In 1887 the Massillon Waterworks company constructed the waterworks system of Massillon, Ohio, and in 1903, under the supcrviof S. R. Bullock & Co., changed the source of supply from Sippo creek to artesian wells and built a new pumping-station one mile away from the business section of the city. The system is pumping direct and to an iron standpipe, 25 ft. by 150 ft. with a capacity of 350.000 gals , erected by Tippett & Wood, of Phillipsburg, N, J. No filtration system has been installed, the quality of the water being so good as not to require filtering. The pumping machinery consists of a Deane, Blake and Bethlehem power pump, with respective capacities of 2,000,000 gals., 1.500.(xxi gals., and t,000,000 gals respectively -a daily aggregate of 4,500,000 gals. Thirty miles cast iron main ib in. to 4-in.—have been laid, on which are 300 Ludlow…

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