Issue 15 and Volume 40.

PHILADELPHIA’S WATER SUPPLY. The startling statement that Philadelphia is in danger of having a large part of its water supply suddenly cut off was made by Director Hicks and Major Gillette, after they had accompanied the councils’ committee on water on its annual tour of inspection of the pumping stations at Fairmount Park, Spring Garden, Queen Lake, George’s Hill and Belmont. More than seven hours were spent in looking into the workings of the pumping machinery. Evidence of the inefficiency of the engines and pumps was everywhere apparent. It was shown that many of the engines are in such bad condition that the least mishap will be enough to cut off the entire water supply of the districts which they serve. Bad en gines, poor boilers aful inaccurate pumps were pointed out by Director Hicks, who strongly de non need the manner in which the department allows its equipment to…

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