Issue 17 and Volume 40.

DIGGS CHEMICAL WAGON PRAISED. BETHLEHEM STEEL COMPANY, SOUTH BETHLEHEM, PA. October 11, 1906. Marten-Diggs Fire-Extinguisher Company, 141-143 Centre street, New York. Gentlemen :—The combination hose and chemical wagon built for this company by you, was received and thoroughly inspected, and was found to be constructed strictly in accordance with our specifications, we think it admirably adapted for fighting fires. We are well pleased with it and have placed it in commission. The design and construction of your tanks meets our highest approval. The device for sealing the bottle and liberating the acid is so simple that any novice can operate them. The opinions of a number of chief engineers and other practical men who have inspected the apparatus are, without exception, in high commendation. We pride ourselves on having so fine and useful a piece of apparatus in our department, and 1 am sure any fireman would feel the same…

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