Issue 19 and Volume 40.

FILTRATION AT INDIANAPOLIS In a paper read before the convention of the American Water Works association at Boston, F. A. W. Davis, president of the Indianapolis Water company, treated of “Filtration of water —The element with which we have to deal,” he said that his company had adopted the slow sandfiltration method for several reasons—one being that the local conditions were well adapted to slow sand-filtration, by reason of the ownership of a portion of the Indiana Central canal front Broad Ripple to the city of Indianapolis—about nine miles in length—the current being so moderate that much of the sediment is precipitated be fore it reaches the filters. White river is the principal source of supply, the water being impounded at Broad Ripple by a dam built by the State of Indiana and maintained by the Indianapolis Water company. The dam is 8 ft. high and backs the water up…

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