Issue 22 and Volume 40.

ACCIDENT TO FIRE APPARATUS. At Cleveland, Tenn., on the night of November 10, eight members of the local fire department, of which W. O. Horner is chief, narrowly escaped being killed. While responding to box call No. 32, near the Cleveland Stove works, as it turned a sharp corner in the rear of the stove works, the hose wagon went over the edge of a bridge, turing upside down in a small creek six feet below the roadway. Ei”ht firemen were on the wagon; but all junfped, and no one was hurt The fire was small, in the^xvarehousc of the Cleveland Ice axul Cold Storage company, and was soon overemne with chemical extinguisher*. ‘F he chief damage sustained by the fall was to the apparatus of the chemical tank in the front part of the wagon.

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