Issue 22 and Volume 40.

THE TITUS WELLS ON LONG ISLAND The work done by Silas W. Titus in increasing the outflow of the Long Island wells that supply the borough of Brooklyn, New York, has already been fully described in these columns. He keeps on at his task, and bids fair not only to give Brooklyn a sufficiency of water, but, also, to make a large profit for himself, at the rate of $30 for every additional million of gallons he supplies over the amount the old wells used to supply daily. With only fifteen out of the twenty wells at Jameco in operation, and with his plant not yet completed and two more years of his contract still to run—at the end of which wells and machinery become city property—he is now obtaining 9,000,000 gals, daily, instead of the 1,250,000 gals., which formed the outflow when he began his work. This amount he…

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