Issue 22 and Volume 40.

COTTON FIRES. Cotton fires have been more than usually frequent this year, and considerable comment has been made upon the prevalence, in the past few weeks, of such fires while the cotton was in transit. Manager F. M. Butt, of the Cotton Insurance association, speaking of these fires, believes them due largely to sparks from railway locomotives. In the first place, the shortage of rolling stock, in Mr. Butt’s opinion, has caused an unusual congestion of cotton on railway platforms situated in suburban districts. The locomotives also in many sections of the Sopth are greatly in need of repairs, so much so, Mr. Butt avers, that, where coal is used, there is an unusual number of sparks thrown out. In those sections of the South where oil is used as fuel, there have been few cotton sparks. Spontaneous combustion caused by the wetting of the lime during a storm in…

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