Issue 22 and Volume 40.

AMONG THE FIRE ENGINEERS Specially reported for FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. The following improvements under the bond issue have been made in the fire department of CIHCINNATI, OHIO. Houses of fire companies 1, 2, 36, 40 and 41 (all engine houses) remodeled; seventeen men added to the strength that count of the organisation of these new companies; five new enginehouses being built, to be equipped with the latest and most improved apparatus; thirty new lire alarm boxes added to the system (Gamewell) ; 2 old boxes replaced with new ones; several extensions of alarm, joker and telephone circuits with necessary crossarms and other liixtures, with thirty-six miles of No. 12 insulated copper wire; proper electrical gongs, other equipment for the remodeled and other engine houses. During the past year there were turned in (stills icluded) 1,220 alarms of tire, causing a loss of $3>4.834; insurance $2617,787; loss over insurance $53,047.…

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