Issue 23 and Volume 40.

AMONG THE FIRE ENGINEERS Specially reported for FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. On July 1, 1903, Senior Assistant Chief W. T. Belt succeeded Chief Dutton as head of the fire department of WASHINGTON, D. C. He owed his promotion solely to merit and seniority, and his appointment was hailed with general approval as that of a thoroughly experienced fireman of unblemished record, and a man of intelligence and up-to-date ideas. He has more than fulfilled the expectations formed of him and has brought the department up from being one of by no means the highest reputation to a position that places it in the rank that the fire department of the National capital should hold. Chief Belt is a native of the District of Columbia, and is now only a few weeks over sixty years of age. He has been in the fire service since he was sixteen years old, when…

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