Issue 25 and Volume 40.

WATER RATES. BUFFALO, N. Y. PER FAMILY.—$1.50; more than one family in house, $2.50. BATHTUBS.—$1 ; showerbaths, $1. WATERCLOSETS.— $1.50-$2.50. BARBER SHOPS.—First chair, $2; each additional chair, $1.50. BARS.-$3. BILLIARD ROOMS.-$1. BLACKSMITH SHOPS.—First fire, $2; each additional fire. $1.50. Boardinghouses.—In addition to regular family, rate for each boarder, $0.40. BUILDING Purposes.—Stone used, per cord, $0.08; brick, per 1,000, $0.05; plastering, two coats, per 100 sq. yds., $0.15. Closets.—$1 -5o-$2.50. Cows.—$o.(x>. COOPER Shops.—In addition to specific rate, if not metered, $4. Engines.—$1. FISH Markets.—Besides specific rates, $5. Fountains.—Lawn fountains, $4. SODA Fountains.—With water connections, $3.50; without. Si. HORSES.-$0.80. MANUFACTORIES.-$20. Motors.—$10. MILK COOLERS-$2.50. Offices.—With water-fixtures, $2; without, $1.40. OYSTER Markets.—Besides specific rates, $4. PHOTOGRAPH Galleries.—Besides specific rates, $4. PRINTING Offices.—Besides specific rates. $4. Restaurants.—Besides specific rates, $4. FIRE-SPRINKLER Connections.—Fire use only, $10. FLUSHING SEWERS.6-m. sewer, each 100 ft. or less, $1; 12-in., each 100 ft. or less, $1.50; 18 in., each 100…

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