Issue 25 and Volume 40.

WHAT WATERWORKS MEN ARE DOING Notes on Construction, Extension and Management The source of supply for the waterworks system for SPRINQFIELD, MASS. lies in the watershed of Blandford, 1,500 ft. above the city’s level in the Berkshire hills, and with forty miles of drainage area. As it is rock throughout, the water will flow down free from earthy or vegetable pollution, and this little river forms an ideal source of supply The watershed also juts out into a corner of Toland on the southwest, Granville on the south and Russell on the southeast. The Blandford hills, however, will supply by far the greatest amount of water, as at the point where they converge there is a network of large and small brooks, which in time form Little river—altogether’ a misnomer after even a small rainstorm. It joins the Giant in Westfield, where the two form the Westfield river, which, in…

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