Issue 25 and Volume 40.

SETTING A GOOD EXAMPLE. At Eau Claire, Wis., Assistant Fire Chief Herron has been investigating and making plans of all the basements in all the buildings in the business section of the city. Every characteristic of these basements—the windows, doorways, stairways, furnaces, elevators, partitions or any openings—are shown in detail. In hardware stores, and wherever gunpowder, oils or other combustibles or explosives are stored, the exact location of the articles in question is given on the plan. Copies of these plans will he placed in each firehouse. and the captain of each company will be expected to make himself familiar with the plan of each basement, so that, in case of fire, lie will be able to direct his men as to how the blaze must he fought, how to reach it and how to escape in the event of danger. When the new pumphouse is finished at Salt Lake…

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