Issue 25 and Volume 40.

PLANT AND ANIMAL LIFE IN RESERVOIRS. James Murray, of the Scottish lake survey, has recently pointed out, in a lecture given at Edinburgh, that many people are needlessly alarmed at the presence of plant and animal life in water reservoirs. Nothing short of poisoning the water could prevent this as artificial reservoirs—nothing short of poisoning stocked with the same organisms that live in lakes. All of these aquatic animals, except fish, are moderately small or quite microscopic, and the majority are introduced by means of their eggs or by feeders of the reservoirs Gnats and other insects fly to the reservoirs and lay their eggs on the surface of the water. An examination of the older reservoirs which supply Edinburgh showed them to be biolo vie ally akin in this respect to the permanent lakeIf the presence of organisms had an appreciable effect on the chemical composition of the water,…

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