Issue 1 and Volume 41.

PROGRESSION IN WATERWORKS ENGINEERING The abundant supply of water all over the world and the unfailing supply furnished by the clouds, which return the water which rises from the earth in the shape of vapor and assumes form of rain, owing to the influence of the colder upper air, prove that this water is a necessity of life. The rain is the source of the streams, lakes and ponds as well as of the waters under the earth. When it first reaches the surface of the earth, it is more or less impure, because of its contracting pollution of one kind or another as it falls through the air. and, as it percolates through the surface of the ground, takes up iron, sulphur, lime, magnesia and the like—sometimes in excessive quantities. Filtration is, therefore, practically a necessity in surface supplies. Since ever the world was populated, water in abundance has…

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