Issue 3 and Volume 41.

DUBUQUE AND ITS WELLS. The waterworks trustees of Dubuque, Ia., have completed and put into operation another driven well at the Eagle Point pumping station—making the number of the wells driven within the last three or four years fifteen. Together with the two artesian wells that have been in service for some years, these driven wells furnish the 4,000,oco gals, consumed daily by the city—the least part of the supply coming from the artesian wells. The supply of the former comes from about one and the same level—a great gravel bed filled with water which may or may not come from the river at some distant point. The water, however, is so perfectly filtered as if it were from a spring. As soon as one of these driven wells is completed to the required depth, a 6-in. steel casing is put down, on the top of which is screwed a…

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