Issue 3 and Volume 41.

THE NEEDS OF CHELSEA. While the engineers on the fire-prevention committee of the National Board of Underwriters have recently reported as fairly inadequate, as a rule, for the necessities of Chelsea, Mass., they consider its fire department as not up to the mark. The summary of the committee’s report is as follows: Water Supply—An adequate and reliable supply is furnished from the Metropolitan system to a distribution system owned by the municipality. Consumption large. Pressures fairly satisfactory. Main arteries generally too small and poorly supported. A considerable proportion of distributing mains too small. Spacing of gate-valves generally good. Hydrants of fairly satisfactory type, in good condition, usually well spaced. Fire Department—Part full paid and part call men. Financial support inadequate. Companies undermanned and depend on inefficient call men for their strength. One engine in service in good condition, other two of unsatisfactory type and show large slip. Ladder service fair.…

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