Issue 3 and Volume 41.

GOOD SHOWING AT ALBANY. Chief Tom E. James, of Albany, Ga., has presented his report for 1906, which he calls record year, and, certainly, the showing made by the department is a highly creditable one, and, in this respect, must be considered as a recordbreaker. The department responded to seventysix calls. Fifty-one fires occurred in buildings where there was a valuation on buildings and stocks of $966,179.01; insurance carried on same, $724,000; fire-loss, $13,179.00. The whole expense for the year was $6,135, which included the cost of 1,000 ft. of new hose. Considering all things, it is no wonder that the pay of the men has been increased $10 a month. Chief James strongly recommends that a light city service truck be purchased; that the Gatnewell electric fire alarm telegraph system be installed, and new mains laid in Arcadia, tne lately annexed district.

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