Issue 3 and Volume 41.

WATER LITIGATION. PITTSBURG, PA. The Monongahela Water company filed its answer to the petition of the city of Pittsburg, Pa., for appraisers, in Common Pleas court No. 1. The answer recites the charter of the company, the special act of 1855 granting that charter, and also the contracts with the city under which it has been operating. The resolution of councils passed August 14 last is also quoted; but the company does not admit all its averments. The company says it has been supplying water and collecting tolls therefrom in the Twenty-fourth to the Thirty-sixth wards of the city of Pittsburg, inclusive, and does not object to the appointment of appraisers by the court to value the property of the company in those wards, but insists on its right to own and use its property until the city shall have paid to it a fair value therefrom. The company also…

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