Issue 3 and Volume 41.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING Bloomfield, N. J., must enjoy a monopoly of men of all-round talent—men competent to fill dual municipal positions which are as opposite one to the other as chalk is to cheese. The office of superintendent of public works in that little city, it appears, includes the management and overlooking of both the waterworks and the road departments, each of too great importance to be properly lumped together under one man, and at a salary of only $1,200 a year at that. The water department alone, if left as it is. promises a $15,000 profit in another year, and is of itself sufficient to keep its superintendent busy at all times. After having been ably administered for two years and a half, it is now on a paying basis. It is almost safe to prophesy that, unless it is accorded the undivided attention of one competent man,…

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