Issue 3 and Volume 41.

WATERWORKS ITEMS FROM ALL PARTS From Special Reports to FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING Monticello, Ia., has contracted for drilling a 12-in. well. St. Anthony, Utah, has a $60,000 waterworks and electric light plant. The University of Chicago has decided to filter its supply at a cost of $31,000. The Waterloo, Ia., Waterworks company is drilling a second artesian well. Its depth is already 1,390 ft. It will cost Bloomington, Ill., $50,000 to rehabilitate completely the waterworks system as already planned. The Brantford, Out., waterworks system has this year provided a dividend of $29,300, as against $27,000 of last year. Sioux City, la., has decided on installing a $50,000 pump, which will increase the city’s pumping capacity 3,000,000 gals. A new dam across the Walnut at El Dorado, Kan., has been built by the city, whose water supply will thereby be increased. Superintendent Robert Jackson, of the Norristown Water company, has…

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