Issue 3 and Volume 41.

AUTO-CHEMICAL FIRE ENGINE. During the present week’s Automobile show at the Madison Square Garden, Manhattan, New York, there was a motor exhibit in the shape of an auto-chemical fire engine. It attracted great attention especially from the fire chiefs and other officers of the New York and adjoining fire departments and from many former volunteer firefighters of the olden time, to whom the machine was a surprise. This special new piece of fire apparatus is being placed upon the market by the Combination Ladder company, of Providence, R. I., and New York City, who have selected for this work, after extensive investigation, the Knox car, manufactured by the Kuox Automobile company of Springfield, Mass., builders of the most successful, heavy and commercial cars in the country. The chassis being furnished by the Knox company, the Combination Ladder company constructs thereon a double-tank chemical engine. The car, as shown at the…

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