Issue 4 and Volume 41.

CORRESPONNDECE TRAINING OP FIREMEN vs. FIRE LOSS. To FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING: The fire-loss in the United States may be les sened. if the firemen are properly trained and drilled—rather difficult to accomplish in a country where there are so many volunteer departments. The British volunteer brigades, however, so many of which are to be found in the country districts and small towns, are all subjected to a thorough course of training and drill, and are greatly ad vantaged thereby, even if in some respects it is somewhat too military. The benefits of such training and drills is shown in the case of such cities as New York, Chicago, Charleston, Newark, N. J., and others where it is practised, and, on comparing the loss in these cities with that of others where there is no drill or drill of a less perfect type—especially in the middle West—it will be seen…

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