Issue 4 and Volume 41.

THE MARVELOUS ESCAPE OF SEUFERT Only Accurate Description of His Burial and Rescue. SPECIALLY WRITTEN FOR FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING Long ere this, the story of the almost miraculous escape of Fireman John J. C. Seufert has been read on every part of this continent; but as yet an accurate and truthful account has not been printed, as the reporters were not permitted within the burned building, and Fireman Seufert made no statement after his rescue, notwithstanding the many interviews printed. The following story is from an eyewitness of the fire and the rescue. It is. also, the first statement made for any paper by Seufert. Engine company No. 32 is last due on a first alarm station 76, and when, on Sunday. Janit iry 6, at 7:48 p. in., that station hit, the company, on reaching 54 Roosevelt street, was ordered up the stairs, through the building, to the…

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