Issue 4 and Volume 41.

FIRE-LOSS AT MIDDLETOWN FOR 1906. The fire loss for the year at Middletown, Conn, fire department of Middletown, under Chief George has been the heaviest in thirty years. It amount ed to $51,004, on which an insurance of $42,575 was paid. It must not be forgotten, however, that of that $51,004, the fire which destroyed the North college at Wesleyan University was responsible for $50,000. Leaving that out of consideration, the loss of $1,004 does not seem formidable. The fire department of Middleton, under Chief (ieorge S. Pitts, is volunteer, except for four out of 150 members who are full paid The equipment is only third-rate and consists of eight hand-extinguishers; a hook and ladder truck; three hose wagons; and 5.000 ft. of good, cotton, rubber-lined hose—not anything like enough, even with a hydrant fire pressure of 125 lbs., to handle an ordi narily large fire. The (iamcwcll lire alarm…

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