Issue 5 and Volume 41.

METERAGE. At Cambridge, Mass., the average per-capita, per-diem, consumption is 92.83 gals. During last year 1,252,836,750 gals, passed through meters, with nineteen per cent, of services metered. The report of the water board says: “We have caused to be set this year eighty-two meters. There are now in use 2,935. The number of water-supplies is 15,062, so that the proportion of metered supplies is only nineteen per cent This is a very small percentage, in comparison with the percentage of meters in other cities of the Commonwealth. The board has had many applications for meters from water-takers who prefer to pay for their water by measured service, but, having no appropriation for that purpose, has been obliged to refuse these applications.” This seems rather unfair to the people of Cambridge, and it is to be hoped that sufficient appropriation will be made at once to enable those desiring meters to…

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