Issue 5 and Volume 41.

NOTT FIRE ENGINE AT NAPA. Information having reached the Nott Fire Engine company that a report had been circulated to the effect that the internal tubular system of the company’s boiler on the Napa, Cal., engine gave out, and was replaced with new tubing, a letter from the Young Hardware company, which acted as the Nott company’s agent for the sale of that engine, also one from the chief of the fire department have been received. They are as follows: “NAPA, CAL, January 14, 1907. “Nott Fire Engine company, Minneapolis, Minn. “Gentlemen: Your letter to the Young Hardware company, asking if the heating surface of the No. 3 Nott engine, sold in the city of Napa, two years ago had given out. has been referred to me for an answer. I have now been chief of the fire department for the past eight months, and will state that the engine…

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