Issue 5 and Volume 41.

A NEW FIRE-DETECTOR. In hope of its meeting with general recognition, a British inventor has put out a new style of firedetector. The device, it is said, consists of a tube, with very thin walls. It is filled with mercury, at one end of which is a very fine capillary tube connecting with a compensating chamber, and at the other end a platinum wire fused into a normally-empty contact-tube, into which are fused two platinum wires. Under normal conditions the expansion due to heat causes the mercury to flow through the capillary tube into the compensating chamber, for the reason that mercury does not readily flow into the normally-empty contact-tube. If abnormal heat causes such rapid expansion that the mercury cannot pass through the capillary tube, it is forced up into the contact-tube, comes in contact with the two platinum wires, and gives the alarm. The contact-tube and wires being…

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