Issue 5 and Volume 41.

GARAGE FIRE IN NEW YORK. On the night of January 28 four alarms were turned in for a fire which destroyed the garage of the New York Transportation company, at Fortyninth street and Eighth avenue, Manhattan, New York. The building, a low, three-story, brick structure, extends the whole front of the avenue between Forty-ninth and Fiftieth street for a distance of almost 300 ft. The transportation company occupies the northern half of the premises that face on Forty-ninth street, while the Fiftieth street side on the south is tenanted by the New York City Railroad company. The fire was both hot and quick. The fire broke out in the second floor, and, although a man’s voice was heard crying for help from that floor, it was impossible for the firemen, when they reached the scene, to attempt to try to rescue him, as the whole front, even at that time,…

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