Issue 8 and Volume 41.

NOTES ON PUMPING MACHINERY The San Angelo, Tex., Waterworks company will soon install a pump with a capacity of 3,000,000 gals, daily capacity, the rapid growth of the city demanding increased supply. The board of Public Service, Hamilton, Ohio, has decided to install a 6,000,000-gal. pump for the combined waterworks and electric light plants, the reconstruction of which will soon begin. William L. Richardson, chief engineer at the Last Side station of Saginaw, Mich., has been granted leave of absence for sixty days, he having been in active service for nearlv tnirty years and found that he needed a rest and change. At Hillsdale, Mich., the duplex pump installed as an Auxiliary at the waterworks, which will supply the city with a portion of its water during the construction of the new high-duty pump, has been successfully put in commission. Hunt street pumping station, Cincinnati, Ohio, has been abandoned. It…

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