Issue 8 and Volume 41.

THE GREAT TEXTILE FACTORY FIRE AT DOVER. Fighting a fire in zero weather is enough to handicap even a paid fire department. Much more is it likely to paralyse the efforts of a volunteer corps of firefighters. The firemen of Dover, N. H., however, refused to be paralysed, and, although the thermometer registered from 2° to 14— below zero, causing every man to be more or less severely frost-bitten—some may even have been permanently injured—they fought doggedly during the whole of one day and the greater part of the next two against a fire that broke out while the workpeople were at their looms in the five-story brick mill No. 1 of the Cocheco. The mill, which was built in 1876, was well sprinklered and calculated to withstand the attacks of fire, was situated in the centre of the city and covered a space of twenty acres. The fire, which…

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