Issue 8 and Volume 41.

METERAGE Decatur, Ill., has over 1,800 meters set. The question of installing meters at Salem, N. Y., is being considered. Galveston, Tex., has made the first move towards metering the city by ordering 500 meters. A new meter-reading device has been invented by George E. Hawkins, of 1309 East Broad street, Columbus, Ohio. A meter rate of five cents per 1,000 gals, for all consumers of 10,000 gals, or more has been made at Evansville, Ind. At Muskegon, Mich., there was great waste in the public schools; but the setting of meters therein has practically put a stop to the careless use of water. At Dublin, Ga., the authorities have decided to adopt the water meter system. The decision was arrived at, when a special committee of aldermen and citizens reported in favor of the proposition The waterworks committee of Minneapolis, Minn., has awarded a contract for 5,000 Keystone ⅝-in.…

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