Issue 9 and Volume 41.

THE CEDAR RAPIDS PLANT. A press dispatch from Cedar Rapids, Ia., gives the following account of the waterworks situation in that city: Municipal ownership of waterworks under the most favorable conditions here has proved unsuccessful. This city has been looked upon by all the State as an example of what could be done by the municipal ownership of public utilities. The business was placed in the hands of three trustees, who are among the shrewdest business men of Cedar Rapids. They took the positions because they-were prompted by a spirit of public loyalty, and that they have served in a most efficient and honest manner no one could doubt. C. B. Scutter is one of the wealthiest citizens of the city, and a philanthropist. He is a financial backer and a mainstay of the Young Men’s Christian association. John T. Hamilton is wealthy and prominent, and is a member of…

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