Issue 9 and Volume 41.

FIREMEN HEROES AND MEDALS. F. P. Ward, in an article on “Experiences in the Metropolitan Fire Brigade,” of London, Eng land, has some characteristic remarks on the subject of heroism recognised and unrecognised. One quotation on the subject is as follows: “There is many a hero in the Metropolitan Fire Brigade ranks, and quite unknown men they are. I had the pleasure of meeting one of our naval heroes who received the Albert medal, and who picked up a live shell inside the magazine and threw it overboard at the time of the explosion on board the ‘Thunderer.’ I had not only lirst of all to hear of this act of heroism from one of his comrades, but it was weeks before 1 could persuade him to show me his medal; somewhat different to the type of man one so often meets nowadays displaying ostentatiously a medal setting forth the…

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