Issue 9 and Volume 41.

WATER-PRESSURE AT BEAUFORT. The press reports as to lack of adequate water pressure at Beaufort, S. C., on the occasion of the recent big fire there, having been investigated by a special agent of the insurance companies, he reports that, as a matter of fact, the direct pump pressure throughout the conflagration was not less than 60 lbs., except towards the close, when it fell to 30 lbs. as the result of the breaking of several 2-in. vertical pipes within fallen and destroyed buildings, and by this time the fire had spent its fury. When the conflagration was over there remained in the standpipe of a capacity of too,000 gals.—a reserve supply of 73,000 gals. The Beaufort fire department really performed extraordinary service in this case, and stopped the course of the fire at building No. 305. block 49. on the south side of Bay street, and tit No. $16,…

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