Issue 10 and Volume 41.

NOTT ENGINE FOR PATERSON. Paterson, N. J., has just received and successfully tested its new second-size Nott steam fire engine, of the new piston-valve type, equiped with the Nott spiral water-tube boiler. The test was held under the supervision of Chief Stagg, the board of fire commissionets and D. A. Woodhouse, the Eastern representative of the Nott Fire Engine company. It was satisfactory in every fespect, and the engine was unanimously accepted and ordered to be placed in immediate service. Chief Bennett, of Birmingham, Ala., lias been complimented on the careful manner the fire in the building at 20?6¼ Second avenue was managed. Chief Bennett has been absento from duties from an attack of grip, and his place has been filled by Assistant Chief Will Walton.

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