Issue 10 and Volume 41.

COBB’S HILL RESERVOIR CONSTRUCTION The city of Rochester, N. Y., situated in Monroe county, seven miles south of lake Ontario, is located about 263 ft. above mean lake level and 510 ft. above mean-tide water. It is bisected by the Genesee river, whose drainage-area at the city is 2,365 sq. m. The Erie canal also passes through its limits. The habitable area of the city is 11,314 acres 17.68 sq. m.; its total area, including 2.05 sq. m. of parks, river, etc., is 12,672 acres—19.73 sq. m. The estimated population is 181,670. ft has four water systems for fire protection—(1) The domestic, covering the whole inhabited portion of the city; (2) the Holly system in the congested district; (3) Mill races (a) the Johnson and Seymour race, from Court street dam through South and North Water streets to Mortimer street about 3.700 ft. in length, 2,500 ft. of which are…

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