Issue 13 and Volume 41.

DEPUTY CHIEF THOMAS LALLY. The accompanying portrait is that of Deputy Chief Thomas Lally, to whom has been intrusted the fire-protection of the important boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens. The work in these boroughs keeps him constantly on the run, and, when it is considered that not only the many factories, commercial, educational and ecclesiastical buildings have to be guarded, but, also, a long waterfront, with the Navy yard, the Erie basin, and numerous docks, wharves and warehouses where are moored large ships from all parts of the world and are stored valuable goods from every quarter of the globe—to say nothing of the lives of hundreds of thousands of human beings housed in tenements, apartment houses and costly dwellings —their numbers increasing monthly—it will be seen that the position of the deputy chief -practically an independent command — is no sinecure. Chief Lally, however, has over and over again…

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