Issue 13 and Volume 41.

TO RAISE THE ASSUAN DAM. A Cairo, Egypt, dispatch states that the Coutcil of Ministers has adopted the proposition to increase the height of the Assuan dam sufficiently to raise the water stored in that reservoir by nearly twenty feet above the present maximum, It is calculated that this will give sufficient new water to irrigate another 1,000,000 acres of Northern Egypt, which, it is estimated, will yield an increased cotton crop to the value of $17,500,000 to $20,000,000 annually. It is stated that the work will take six years to complete and that it will cost $7,500,000. The dam at present, from the lowest part of the foundation to the top is 40 metres; width at top, 7 metres; at deepest part, 25 metres (1 metre=39-37 Eng. ins.). Its storage capacity is 1,065,000,000 cu. metres (a cu. metre=26-47 gals.).

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