Issue 13 and Volume 41.

FIVE YEARS OF A PROTECTIVE DEPARTMENT. From June 30, 1901, to the same date in 1906, no report was issued by the Superintendent Charles H. Swan of the protective department of Providence, R. I. That of the latter date tells of 2,465 bell and 152 still alarms attended during these ten years—a total of 2,617 average of 493 each year. At these fires were spread 4,094 stock and 803 roof-covers—an average at each fire of 818.4 and 163.3 respectively. One thousand three hundred and ninety runs were made with No. 1 wagon, and 1,473 with No. 2—an average of 278 and 294.3 respectively. The same wagons traveled 1,900 miles and a quarter and 4.182 miles and three quarters—an average of 380 and 836.3 respectively. Of actual fires there were 748—an average of 149.3, at which the department worked 1.050 hours forty-seven minutes—an average of 210 per year, and was absent…

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